document strap

Secure binding of important documents

Document straps make it easier to fasten and tie up files, hanging folders, floating files and large documents. With the easy-to-use straps, documents can be tied together quickly and bundled ready for the office, court or legal chambers. The strap even holds large file stacks together effortlessly.

Our robust document straps are made of tearresistant polypropylene and fitted with a metal sliding buckle. ALATEX offers low-cost and high-quality document straps in various lengths, widths and colors.

item no. 00296 sewn with slider

standard data further variations on request
  • PP M
  • iron nickel-plated
width 40 mm 40 mm
length 750 mm 1000 mm
tenacity at break 6,5 kN 6,5 kN
packaging 480 pcs. 300 pcs.
packaging unit 480 pcs. 300 pcs.
quantity/pallet 9.600 pcs. 6.000 pcs.
poss. colours
combinations on request
  • on request