• item no. 00264
    item no. 00264
    electrically conductive FIBC lifting loop
  • item no. 00031
    item no. 00031
    FIBC tie tape
  • item no. 00580
    item no. 00580
    lashing tape
  • item no. 00364
    item no. 00364
    egg conveyor belt
  • item no. 00051
    item no. 00051
    tree tying belt
  • item no. 00813
    item no. 00813
    textile assembly tape


Webbing straps, tapes, belts and ropes since 1954

Originally a small family business, the company started out producing jute straps for the upholstery industry. Since its beginnings in 1954, ALATEX has been steadily growing and evolving. Today, the production of strap and belt webbing is in the hands of the third generation of the Alaze family. The company expanded its operations in 1991, 2010 and 2016, and ALATEX now offers fully integrated production from yarn to webbing. The variety of webbing solutions has broadened and the Westphalian family business has grown to 100 employees working in two locations in Germany and the Czech Republic.