• item no. 00264
    item no. 00264
    electrically conductive FIBC lifting loop
  • item no. 00031
    item no. 00031
    FIBC tie tape
  • item no. 00580
    item no. 00580
    lashing tape
  • item no. 00364
    item no. 00364
    egg conveyor belt
  • item no. 00051
    item no. 00051
    tree tying belt
  • item no. 00813
    item no. 00813
    textile assembly tape

Environmental management

Responsible acting

Environmental awareness has been an integral part of the ALATEX philosophy since its earliest days. ALATEX is committed to contributing to the preservation of natural resources as the basis of life on earth. We believe that our long-term corporate objectives can only be achieved if the webbing straps, tapes, belts and ropes we produce are both beneficial for our customers and safe for the environment. Acting in an environmentally conscious way is the responsibility of every ALATEX employee. Our environmental policy has an impact on all our corporate decisions and is designed to continuously improve our environmental performance. This is why our environmental management has been certified according to ISO 14001.