textile victor chain

enabling reliable and flexible suspension

For suspending e.g. lamps in industrial settings, ALATEX offers a simple and cost-effective alternative to metal chains. Our textile victor chain ensures strength, durability and fire safety according to the German Model Building Code. Our loop straps are extremely space-saving and light, which helps to reduce freight costs. For comparison the different weights with similar tenacity at break:

textile victor chain 7,3 kg per 1,000 m
steel victor chain 50,7 kg per 1,000 m

If the inserted loops are too small, the end can be used to form a larger loop without the need to knot (see right). The end of the polypropylene strap is sealed with a lighter to prevent it from fraying.

item no. 00022

standard data further variations on request
  • PP M
width 8,5 mm
tenacity at break max. 20 6 je Schlaufe, max. 80 6 je Kette kg
packaging 30 m coiled on card
packaging unit 1.200 m
quantity/pallet 24.000 m
poss. colours
combinations on request
  • on request