textile assembly tape

a safe and easy way to install pipes

ALATEX fabric assembly tape is a fabric nail tape for secure direct fixing of pipes and cables. The flexible fabric makes installation very straightforward. The tape can be used with Fix- Pins, screws or nails.

Compared to conventional metal perforated tape, our assembly tape does not corrode and has no sharp edges. The polypropylene fabric does not transmit sound and reduces vibrations to a minimum. In addition, the textile assembly tape is extremely tear- and temperatureresistant, making it the ideal solution for laying electrical and plumbing pipes.

item no. 00813

standard data further variations on request
  • PP M
width 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm 21 mm 21 mm 21 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
tenacity at break 2,5 kN 2,5 kN 2,5 kN 3,5 kN 3,5 kN 3,5 kN 5,2 kN 5,2 kN 5,2 kN
packaging 10 m roll 15 m roll 25 m roll 10 m roll 15 m roll 25 m roll 10 m roll 15 m roll 25 m roll
packaging unit 234 roll 156 roll 92 roll 162 roll 108 roll on request 108 roll 72 roll on request
quantity/pallet 4.680 roll 3.120 roll 1.104 roll 3.240 roll 2.160 roll on request 2.160 roll 1.440 roll on request
poss. colours
combinations on request
  • on request